Shopping from Aliexpress!

chinashipshop as a shipping store near me, can ship your products worldwide in a very quick way.

AliExpress is a China-based company that provide online retail service to buyer around the world except mainland china.product price on aliexpress is higher than retail website taobao,However,there are still many buyers prefer shopping in aliexpress because taobao support chinese language only.

To guide buyer place order from aliexpress in better way to our warehouse in china,you can only select country name”Hong Kong or Macao” which you won’t find “China” in aliexpress address option.then fill rest english address.

if you think this is enough,your parcel will deliver to Hong Kong or Macao by default and return back to seller finally,Because most orders in aliexpress is aliexpress standard shipping which supplier won’t verify the shipping address has problem or not.

To avoid your loss,you have to copy our warehouse address in chinese from your account to provide to all your aliexpress suppliers by chat,they will know the parcel deliver to mainland china automatically.then seller will ship your parcel by local courier,we can receive your parcel in 1-3days generally.

Enjoy Your Shopping in Aliexpress!