My China Adress

My China Address

Send your desired product to our china warehouse where you want to keep them, repack and combine your parcels together before shipping them internationally. You don’t need to pay above mentioned service. You can keep your parcels at our warehouse and wait for more parcels to reach here so we can combine them together, It will reduce your shipping cost. So create an account with us right away, you can get your warehouse address and start shopping with us.

Our located warehouse in Guangzhou (the capital of Guangdong province) where 50% supplier in this province and also near Hongkong which more quick and convenient for international shipping company transfer the packages to ship globally, It also very quick for your supplier send goods to our warehouse so that we can ship it. Besides,It is time-saving for large shipment,because it is near Shenzhen port which most boat ship from this port to all over the world directly.

As we get thousands of parcels here at our warehouse in China, so you might think that how do we know that this parcel belongs to you. So this is how we know it:

When you create an account with us, we will provide you a warehouse address which contain a unique code only for you. So you can start purchasing item and provide that warehouse address to your suppliers. When we receive your purchased item we will automatically know that it belongs to you and will add it to your ChinaShipShop account.

As soon as we receive your parcels at our warehouse, You can take action for every parcel in your account platform, Like wait more parcels arrive or consolidate them, then request ship out by the shipping carrier you select.


So what are you waiting for !!  Create your account Now !