Complain and Refund

We clarify that we are freight forwarder,we hand over packages to Shipping company Like DHL, Fedex, EMS, ARAMEX, UPS, TNT. etc, they will help to make customs clearance in destination country,Sometimes,if they cannot make customs clearance due to your country customs rule,you need provide help,so you should make sure that you have ability to take the package out from your customs,we won’t hold any responsible for any loss because of package return or packages confiscate by your customs because of your country rule doesn’t allow to import.

Important Notice:Any parcels delivered to our warehouse which doesn’t have user name or user code,user should contact us to provide tracking number within one month,Exceed one month,we have right to dispose them.

We don’t ship to other shipping agent address in local china unless we don’t have service to destination countries.

Return process from chinashipshop!

Our return process fee is $3 per parcel if parcel in “ready to ship” tab,If request return after consolidation,return process fee is $5 per parcel.

If you order from some shopping website like taobao,You can contact the merchant to inquire about the return policy and procedure,request a Prepaid Return pick up code from Cainiao.Once this code is received,please send this code and corresponding return parcel ID to us through ticket or email and request courier company come to pick up in next business day afternoon.Then we will prepare the package to wait courier guy pick up.after picked up,user have to pay return shipping charge on line through your own shopping website account to complete the return process.

If you order from taobao or other website and don’t know how to obtain a pick up code then we can return the item back to the merchant at your expense. Please provide the original order ID,receiver name, address in chinese,phone number of the merchant,corresponding return parcel ID from your chinashipshop account.

The return shipping rate are based on the weight and dimension of the package we ship and the address of the merchant is located.After return,we will provide return tracking number and user maybe require you upload the tracking number on shopping website order tab to complete the return process.then you can get refund from your merchant.