Complain and refund

Complain and refund

By using ChinaShipShop you can return the goods to the seller from whom you have bought them.

What you have to do is go through the seller’s return policies and get a “return authorization”, reference code and the return label as well for returning from your place to the seller. Then we will provide our help for arranging the return shipping.

Domestic return

By the terms “Domestic return” we means return from our central point, for instance,  if we notice that the product is defected, or something that is not allowed to be shipped (consult FAQ).and  the seller is located in the same country in which the central point is where your shipment will be shipped.

For resolving this issue with our management department you need pay process fee 10US $  and if you couldn’t provide us the return label then you will be charged extra 5US $ . The payment method is through PayPal or debit/credit card through your account. you will request to opening a ticket from your dashboard. As soon as you pay the amount and the return form is submitted, the return will be process within 2 working days.