How it works on ChinaShipShop

1) Sign up with chinashipshop
It is free to sign up with chinashipshop. An address will be provided right away when you creat an account with us, this address would be used as shipping address with online supplier. You can use it as soon as you get it.

2) Shop from anywhere
Chinashipshop can also be used for shopping from your favourite store or finding new one with the latest product launch, trying some deals or even searching for new product.
Shop in china
If you find something that you like, you can use our cost estimate calculator to know the delivery cost to your country. Moreover, if a store doesn’t accept your payment method, don’t worry! You can use chinashipshop shopfor me service.

3) Ship to chinashipshop 
Enter chinashipshop address as your delivery address once you check out. As soon as your parcel arrive our facility, you will be informed by email.

4) Save on shipping
Yay! Your parcel just arrived to our warehouse. Now, you can simply log in your chinashipshop account and trace your order. You can choose your money saving option and release shipment whenever you are ready just with chinashipshop facilities.

sign up with chinashipshop