Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

What are the Main Benefit of ChinaShipShop?

Local address
Every customer who shop with us get a local address in china,The addresses are not PO BOX, they are real. They bought item are kept in our warehouse and every customer manage their ChinaShipShop box online by using our application. The parcels can be sent out right away when they are received or they can be stored for combining afterwards.

Good shipping rates

Due to large amount of shipments we have huge discount on the shipping price. So, even if you pay us the service fee  you will still save some amount.


Signing up with us is free right now. The moment you complete the registration, you will get your address right away. we provide our service to all the countries in the world.


At the moment you complete your registration process, we start expecting to receive your parcels. And you don’t have to tell us that you have ordered something or something might come for you as we recognize all the parcels through your suite No. And attach it to your ChinaShipShop Box and notify you by email that we received your parcel.

What happen if we are not able to Identify the parcel’s real owner? 
Sometimes we are not able to know who the real owner is? This happens because the shipper made some mistake in filling the address. If we get into such situation, firstly we try to contact the shipper but if it fails, we put that parcel at the side and wait for the real owner to claim about their missing parcel. we usually are able to identify the parcel in this way.

Can I receive mails instead of parcels? Like magazines, books, letters, catalogues?
Yes of course, we send all your incoming mails the same way we send your parcels in which we also provide you with scanning service. you can utilize ChinaShipShop Box for getting mails and letters.

I am not able to request mail out. My account says “Package is not eligble for international shipping”. What should I do?

In some cases, we receive the parcels in not good condition or just in thin plastic bag. At that time we keep them in your Box in the same condition we received them, as you might want to combine it with other parcels afterwards. Anyhow, if you wish to ship them out then we pack them again. You can request for this service from your account and this is subject to service fee.

Do you accept cash on delivery(COD)?

It is common in china that supplier send the parcels on receiver expense. We do accept COD but we will charge this from your account. Anyhow COD is not accepted in case of stocks.

Do you charge storage fee?
A part of our warehouse is allotted to each costumer. We don’t charge any storage fee for 30 days since the parcel arrive our warehouse. In case your parcel is stored for more than one month or if you get the new parcel on already filled box then we usually charge 0.5USD per day for every over stay parcel


How can I request shipment of my parcel?
You can request this service in your account. Firstly, you have to select carrier and fill customs requirement. After that your mail out can be requested. Kindly notice that we will not ship out your parcel until you request us, even after selecting carrier and filling customs requirements

How could I fill customs requirement?
By using your account you have to open the parcel details. that it is your duty to fill in the requirement carefully; we will simply attach that document to your parcel. You can click for the special request that is “content photos” in case you don’t know what is inside the parcel. We will send 3 content photos to your parcel details.

What are the things you don’t ship? 
Some general items such as forearms parts, explosive material, gun parts,  flammable items, corrosive materials, human parts, living or dead plants or animals and many more. Please check our shipping methods so that you can see the complete list for each carrier.

Can I use any other shipment method or can I use my billing account?

Yes, you can use your personal carrier but you will have to pay for this service, because we have to do manual processing for this method. Firstly,you have to use the “Pickup by 3rd party” service and inform us that who will be the carrier. Secondly, you will request to dispatch just like for any other parcel,while choosing “local pickup” as carrier.

Can I ship my parcel to some other address?

All customer can have only one shipping address. You can change your current address but it leads to manual approval. If you use Paypal as payment method,we ship your parcel to the address you have written in Paypal. If you want us to ship your parcel to any other address you will have to recharge your account by using some other payment method..

How to ship more parcels to different addresses? (Drop Shipping)

You can do that by using our drop shipping service, that is, we ship each parcel straight away to your customer.

Do you offer better shipping price to some customer, or based on selected plan?
No, we have the best shipping price and It is applied to all customer.

I want ship LCL/FCL, could you do this?
Yes, but we don’t have online calculator. If your goods  received in our warehouse, we will  happy to calculate the sea shipping cost for you. But if you wish to ship only one parcel then we suggest that you can use some sea carrier directly because it will be cheaper than hand it over to our place.

Will you help me with duties?
You can log in your account to make the customs invoice but you request to do it by yourself, we cannot do it for you. Any how, almost all shipping companies will charge you for helping with it.

Do you provide tracking numbers for shipment?
Yes, Tracking numbers  will be provided to all our shipment

Are parcels insured?
Every parcel have basic insurance but kindly go through the relevant term on the carrier website as it depends on their policy. In most case, if your parcel is lost or damage you will get back the shipping price and sometimes you get compensated for your loss ( up to US $50). If you want full insurance which is mostly charge for about 2% of the declared amount, better kindly inform us before shipment.

My tracking number shows nothing, or error
This error shown when you ship you parcel from China through some non chinese carrier such as Hong Kong post, Singapore post etc. Kindly try to understand firstly  we send parcels to collecting point from where tracking is available. Please be patient as it takes 1 or sometimes up to 5 days to show on line.


How consolidation works?
You may ask for combining service. Meaning that we turn your more than one parcel into a single parcel. There are different ways to do this. We can do this either by putting all your parcels into a new box , or we may throw their outer boxes and just keep their retail packing or throw away everything except the product –this is the most efficient way. You just have to pay charge for one consolidation,  the number of parcel does not increase or decrease the  process fee and everything is managed from your account.

How long can I store my parcels?
The maximum time you are allowed to store your parcels is 90 days out of which 30 days are free if you don’t take over more than  allotted space. We will remind you the left limited time

several times before dissolving the overdue parcel.


Which payment method is preferred? 
We are using Paypal for online payments (credit card payments are also accepted in case you don’t have Paypal account ). we also accept bank wire payments to our bank account in china. Bitcoins are also accepted.

What if Paypal is not supported in my country?
You can use bank wire and we also accept western union for payment in this case. Kindly contact our customer support before sending money.

What if I do not have Paypal, but my friend/colegue has. Can he pay for me?
No. our policy doesn’t allow us to accept third party payment as your name and address in Chinashipshop account has to match your Paypal account. If we find any such thing like a third party payment we might put your account on hold and further investigation will be done for those payment.

How much shall I send you? Is there any limit I can spend with you?
A monthly spending limit is applied to your account ,The limits vary according to the account level. When you reach your limit you still can charge your account through bank-wire, those payment has no limitation.

What happen to the balance that I didn’t spend?
Your money stay in your account as a balance, you can use them whenever you want or you can ask for refund, this will be done within 7 working days.

Do you charge any extra fees for payment?
5% for online payment fee and $10 for bank wire payments is charged. Therefore we suggest sending more than $50 when you are using bank wire. This is because we need to pay charge to the bank for each international transaction. According to this, if you send us $50, we receive only $40 and we will be in loss for $10 if we pay $50 for your shipping. So it is a compulsory and cannot be negotiated.

Refund, PayPal claims
kindly contact us before you request to refund or open a paypal claim otherwise we have the right to suspend your account instantly. If you are a trader and you think you are a victim of credit card fraud, just let us know, we will return your merchandise back and close customer account as we don’t have any tolerance for such thing.


Local merchant don’t accept my card, can you help?
We will handle all of this if you use shopforme service. In order to know the price you can also check our price list.

How ShopForme works?
You just need to submit a request for Assisted Purchase from your account. Agent will be contacted in order to get the details (like if product is available, how much cost local shipping etc.). Final price will be calculate and sent to you to review. Once you pay us the required amount, we will purchase the product and it will be sent to your ChinaShipShop box.

If i do not understand Chinese, how can I fill delivery address?
If you check your account; we have provided details explanation with all Chinese characters.

Can I use your contact number for delivery?
In China, it is quite usual that courier call  our number before delivery, therefore you can also use those number.

What if you will be unable to purchase product for me?
We will refund you fee after deduction of $1 for service in case if the product is sold or if you don’t agree with the final price.


What should I do if my account is on hold?
In case if our system find something unusual with your account or payment, we might put your account on hold. We are aware of this and will contact you within in 24 hours on a working day with more details about this. You do not need contact us.

This is usually due to PayPal payments – kindly always try to confirm that your Shipping address in Paypal (which can be edited in your Paypal account) is THE SAME like on ChinaShipShop. Keeping in view, the Seller/Buyer protection terms as requested by PayPal it is important in order to accept your Paypal payment. You might have to choose another payment method if you are not able to set required shipping address.

Why do you need to verify my identity?
Our highest priority is to protect you from security and fraud. we have to manage many accounts from different countries from all around the world, sometimes we are not sure who is behind email. That is why, sometimes we request you to confirm your identity. Your verification level will be increased once you pass the identity test.

What if I want to close my ChinaShipShop account?

You can contact us through contact form by using your name and suite number.