Why and how to buy from Alibaba?

1688.com is the largest online B2B wholesale platform in China, It’s a Chinese version of Alibaba.com,Alibaba serve worldwide, 1688 is solely dedicated to the domestic market in china, 1688 offers very competitive prices to local buyers, while Alibaba’s price increase for foreign buyers. If you want to beat the market price, you have to source your business product where the locals are sourcing,many enterprises,distributors,including many eBay and Amazon sellers choose to purchase on it.

However,1688.com doesn’t have english version.So we will guide you how to use 1688 service.

You need use desktop computer to open 1688 page from Google chrome browser,click mouse right key to find translate tool,then u will be ready to go.

If you want to search a product in 1688,the easiest way is that you upload the product photo in the search bar which you can see one camera icon there in 1688 main page.or you can just put product name in english to search.

1.Registration:(You had better register in taobao first and use same user name to login)

2.Personal Registration:

3.Fill in blank:

4.Registration is done,Click the red square to add the shipping address:

5.Fill the shipping address:

At last,if you still have trouble to purchase from 1688,you can contact our on line agent for assistance or you can use our shop for me service.