What is Chinashipshop

What is Chinashipshop from business point of view?
ChinaShipShop is a well known Taobao Agent and China-based shipment organization,shop chinese, through which people from over 200 countries can shop from anywhere over internet in china and get it shipped to their doorsteps. The service is provide for our customer store their parcels, combining their stored parcels and repack in our warehouse before Ship out.From 2014 till now,we have served over 200.000 customers, managing and delivering over 1 million parcels to different corners of the world with DHL, Fedex, Aramex UPS etc.

What is Chinashipshop from customer point of view?
Basically, Chinashipshop is a source for people and companies all over the world through which they can purchase anything from China and get it shipped to their desired country.It doesn’t matter if you purchase from China in larger quantity for business or as an individual who is looking for the latest deals at online shopping stores such as Taobao,aliexpress,Alibaba,Tmall, JD.com,1688 and many more online shopping site in China.We offer you our service which include purchase,store and shipping in order to fulfil all your China cross-border purchase and import needs.

ShopForMe Service
Most of China based online store or seller don’t accept payment from a non- chinese payment method or credit card.So we provide you an option to purchase item on your behalf.you can use ShopForMe Service,We purchase your desired goods from seller and ask them send to our warehouse address.When the parcel received, our system will notify that your parcel has arrived via email notification and you will find the parcel in your account at the same time,then you can give us instruction for this parcel through your account platform.

ShipForMe Service
In any case,if you don’t want us to purchase item on your behalf or deal with your seller where you are allowed to pay directly,you can still utilize our shipforme service by just send your purchased item to your chinese warehouse address that you get right after signing up with Chinashipshop.What you have to do is simply get it delivered to your warehouse address.after parcel receive,you can submit shipping request through your account platform,you can wait more your parcels arrive or ship to your doorstep directly by the shipping carrier you choose.

As soon as your parcel arrived in our warehouse, we will check the size and weight and take 2 free photo of your product to upload in your account.you can wait more parcels arrive for consolidation in one month without pay any warehouse fee.

International Shipping
Chinashipshop works with their management and courier partners in order to ship your purchased items internationally to more than 200 countries over the world. It usually takes about 5 to 7 working days for delivery.Chinashipshop offer you some of the cheapest rates as they have partnership with some of the well known air courier companies like DHL, FedEx, Aramex, EMS, TNT or UPS. our courier shipping service provide you the facility of door-to-door shipment, which means that our courier partner will deliver your parcel straight to your doorstep.Chinashipshop also provide air shipment service, which means that your parcel will be delivered to an airport that is close to your shipping address.

Sea and Train Shipping
We also provide sea shipment service by container or LCL,train DDP/DDU, It cost less than air shipping but takes time to arrive destination country.Sea shipping is available to all over the world,For any further detail you can contact us at support@chinashipshop.com