Someone who is the user of will have an in depth knowledge about how handy and useful this website is when it comes to buying something online from within the premises of China.

Let it be a single item or multiple items, may it be for personal use or business purchase, ChinaShipShop, shop and ship, is available for all kind of users from around the world. They help you to solve all the problems and challenges coming in your way when you are buying anything from china. Someone who is fond of shopping from online stores will have some idea about the challenges that arise when shopping from Chinese online stores. Let me clearly state, the problems include that most online Chinese stores don’t accept payments from non-Chinese credit cards and some don’t ship products out of china. Or if you are lucky enough to get these services then you might have to pay higher amount for it.

ChinaShipShop provides you with the ease while shopping something from Chinese stores. All you have to do is signup with them and then you will instantly get your Chinese warehouse address which you can use for giving the sellers. And you can also use their Shop-For-Me service where you just have to sit back and give them the link of your desired item and they will buy and communicate with the seller on your behalf.

It is clearly your choice if you want to use this service otherwise you can place the order by yourself and simply enter your Chinese warehouse address while ordering. And you can make your payment to ChinaShipShop through your PayPal account or your international credit card. Payments are also acceptable through bank wire transfer or Western Union so you don’t need to worry about the acceptance of your non-Chinese credit cards.

When your parcel is received at their warehouse they will instantly notify you about its arrival and wait for your guidelines before taking next step. You can also ask them to wait for your other parcels to arrive so that they can merge them to make a single parcel and then send, in this case they will keep your received parcels together until you ask them to dispatch your parcel to your address. What is your benefit in it? Well you will have to pay the shipping cost for a single parcel instead of multiple, depending on the final weight of your parcel. And thereby you will not have to wait for all your parcels separately, instead you will get them all together at one time.   

Moreover, they have partnership with the courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT etc. so due to the partnership they provide you with cheap shipping cost as compared to the cost that you will pay if you ship directly by yourself, china online shopping international shipping is the best choice.

And they can ship your parcel though sea and train couriers as well. Sea shipment is available for all over the world but unfortunately train cargo is limited only for European countries.


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