Chinashipshop Terms and Conditions

  1. Chinashipshop Terms and Conditions
    1. The below terms are applicable to everyone who use and the site its provide.
    2. In the terms as mentioned below, the word ‘User’ means everyone who use this website ( ) for shopping, whereas the word ‘We’ means chinashipshop and its site.
    3. Every user of this website ( ) accepts and follows the terms mentioned in this document while using the chinashipshop’s site.
    4. The users will be requested to provide their name and email address when they will be entering a Shop-For-Me order. User accepts that by provide these information they will be able to get all the future payment related emails, advertisements and newsletters from us.
    5. We reserve the right to cancel a user’s Shop-For-Me or international shipping request at any moment without giving any reason if user intends to break the laws, regulations and terms and conditions or is have attempted to any misconduct or illegal act.
    6. During the order process, the user’s personal information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party without user’s permission. Other than the following conditions: (1) it can be disclosed in front of legal authorities, (2) the business partners who share the site, but in this case we ask our partners to follow our privacy policy.
    7. User should know that the website is only responsible for buying items from china and the management of shipping these products out of china by the site through our warehouse. We are not held responsibility and neither do we give guarantee about the quality of your bought items. We don’t even give guarantee if the claims made by the dealers or sellers about the quality are true or not. We shall not be held accountable for any loss or damage that occurs as a result.
    8. With the reference of 7th point, if User purchase any item from China by using our site, User must agree that we will not be accountable in terms of price or management , in case the User is not satisfied with the quality of bought item as a result of false claims or misrepresentation made by the dealer or seller.
    9. The Users are in charge for the following: item’s price, Chinese local shipment, international shipment, insurance of shipping, valid charges for Re-packing, customs duties, taxes for distant areas or over-sized parcel charges, bank transfer charges and any valid site
    10. Once the User have made payment for their shop-for-me order, they cannot cancel the order afterwards.
    11. Once the User have made payment for the international shipping orders, then they cannot cancel or change the order afterwards.
    12. Relying on User’s profile and payment history with us, we reserve right to reject their payment method through PayPal or international credit cards for their Buy-For-Me and international shipping orders, while request them to make their payment using bank wire transfer or Western Union.
    13. While we are placing the Shop-For-Me order for our Users, we do not promise the availability of the items or take any kind of blame for the unavailability because the item might be out of stock or not for sale anymore. Even we already placed the order, we still do not take any blame as the seller or dealer might cancel or reject the order due to any reason.
    14. We will not accept any Shop-For-Me orders if the item is out of stock or their selling price has increased from user previous order, if the User don’t give enough information required by us that is necessary to place order on their behalf, or considered inappropriate for transporting through our shipping companies or government authorities because of any illegal issue or for protection reasons.
    15. In case the dealer or seller makes any mistake while process the order, we will not be held accountable for their mistake. If the User buy something by themselves, then the User should make sure from the dealer about the return policy, refund and the exchange policy from them. If we purchase something on behalf of User, we will communicate with the dealer on behalf of User.
    16. If the seller or dealer makes a scam on or any other Website, we are not to be held responsible. User still in charge for the paid amount to the dealer or the local shipping charge. But we will try our best to communicate with the related party in order to recover the paid amount
    17. We reserve all the rights to check the User’s package without notifying the User before proceeding. It make sure that the User is not shipping any forbidden item or for the purpose of making sure that the User’s item is appropriate for re-packing.
    18. In either case, if the User have bought something or we have bought something on behalf of the User that is considered to be inappropriate for shipment by shipment companies or the government authorities due to any illegal issue or protection reason we will return that item to the seller at User’s cost or otherwise we reserve the right to get rid of the shipment by disposing it off.
    19. The weight that can be charged for international shipping intended is based on the total greater actual/physical weight for each individual parcel. This is common standard for air courier shipments.
    20. Our international shipping charge doesn’t include any kind of tax related to customs in their destination country. The taxes or charges related to customs will be paid to the delivery person when he deliver the parcel. If User have any query about custom taxes and charges User should communicate with their local customs.
    21. There are some items that we are not allowed to ship because of the restrictions by our shipping partners and International Air Transport Association (IATA). The items that we are not allowed to ship internationally are mentioned under the Items We Cannot Ship section and any other items that are banned in terms of air transport by International Air Transport Association (IATA). So if any such item will be received at our warehouse, we will either dispose of the parcel or return it to the dealer at the expenses of User.
    22. We will not give warranty about the delivery of parcel which is against the import rules of the country where they are shipped.
    23. Although our international courier partners will try their best and struggle hard to deliver the international shipment according to their fixed delivery routine, but these are not assured and it is not compulsory that it will be same every time. And we are not at all responsible for any harm or loss that occurred due to the late delivery.
    24. We will not held questionable for any shipment done by the User to our Chinese warehouse. We will only consider the delivery evidence from the related shipping If the User have bought something by themselves, they should communicate with the seller by themselves. In case of Shop-For-Me service, we will communicate with the seller about the delivery on your behalf
    25. In the case of returning items to seller from our warehouse, firstly, the User will pay the return cost before we return their item to the seller. For Shop-For-Me orders, we will refund the order amount to User account after we get the refund from the seller’s end.
    26. All the rates such as international shipping cost and the charges that are related to the site can change with time by our own choice and decision.
    27. We will keep a regular system check and enhance and improve our website that might cause the system down for the time being. We cannot promise that our website will be accessible all the time, fast, mistake free or virus-free or will not have impairing codes, or that there will be no problem in technology or telecommunication services. In case the User faces any of the above mentioned issue or loss, we are not answerable for that.
    28. All of the following content present on this website that consist of graphic designs, pictures, logos, button icons and software belongs to ChinaShipShop and its content providers. And it is secured by the copyright laws internationally as well as by China.
    29. If you find any sort of reference to a third party website present on our website, please note that it do not belong to us. So we are not questionable for anything related to their website including the availability and reliability of their content and services. If the User trusts on any of their service or content and face any loss or damage we will not be held accountable for it.
    30. The actual language of this Website is English but we might provide translations of some content in different languages. Anyhow, there can be mistakes in translation or some misunderstandings caused by the translations so we do not take responsibility of any translated content. If there is any confusion due to translated content, then the actual copy (in English) should be considered to be more accurate and superior over the translated one.
    31. It should be noted that we are not held responsible for late deliveries, loss or damage caused due to reasons that do not fall under our control that includes the following such as any act or mistake by a person who is not our employee; Acts of God for example Earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, fog; Force Majeure such as war, plane crash or ban; fuss or civil disturbances; industrial acts; electrical destruction or magnetic harm to, or erosion of electronic or photographic images, data or recordings. However, the list is not limited to the above mentioned reasons.
    32. We reserve rights to change the Terms and Conditions as mentioned in this document at any moment at our own choice and decision.