Chinashipshop Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

  1. Below are the terms and privacy policies for all the users who are using and its service.
  1. ChinaShipShop is very strict about the privacy policies that are related to their customers’ personal information in the website.
  1. All the personal information that you submit to the website such as your name, email address,your delivery address and phone number will only be used to create and maintain the ChinaShipShop account and to process your orders. The email address that you provide will only be used for the services related to transaction emails, order inquiries, or recommend any applicable marketing content.
  1. All your personal computer details as in your IP address, the type of system you are using, device and web browser that you have already used might be logged in by our web server automatically. If this kind of information is saved, it is only for the statistical reasons to allow us to know and understand the preferences and demographic of our customers in an even better way.
  2. All your personal and browsing information is kept completely confidential which includes all the data stated above in point 2 and 3, and is not given to any third party without your permission, but only in the following conditions (1) if some legal authority requires the disclosure of data. (2) The business partners who share the facilities given by the website, but in this case we ask our partners to follow our privacy policy.
  3. Any payment detail that you provide during the order processing is not at all stored by ChinaShipShop. PCI-DSS compliant, such as payment service provider or/and PayPal process all the information that you submit for the process.
  1. Customs authority sometimes require a specific kind of information regarding the parcel that is been shipped to you for the export, import, tax, and other duty purposes, And also for the security screening. Such kind of details might consist of your name and company name, final delivery address, description of the item and its value including the quantity and weight of the parcels. This information can only be disclosed according to the legal rules and laws of both countries from where the items are being exported and where items are imported to. The international shipment process the disclosure of this information for facilitating purpose by you.